Fig 2. - PCB-Investigator Options Dialog - Tab: Display
  • Real time drawing: If the view changes (e.g. because you pan or zoom), the visualisation gets drawn anew. Changing the view again while the previous drawing process still hasn't been completed, usually does not cancel the previous drawing process. Activating the option "real time drawing" changes this default setting and forces all drawing processes to be aborted allowing only the current view to be drawn, which may improve performance, but can cause jittering.
  • Max visible layers: Limits the maximum number of layers you can activate in your layer stack up. If the number of active layers would be exceeded, the most recently activated layer gets turned off.
  • Show Tool Tip: If this option is deactivated, no tool tips are shown when hovering over objects in the visualisation.
  • Zoom selection distance: Offset that is added to your current mouse position while zooming.
  • Layer list:
    • Use large item style: displays the step items in a bigger style.
    • Use dynamic item height: make the height of the step items dynamic.