The menu of PCB-Investigator is created in accordance with the Ribbon menu guidelines already popular through other Microsoft products like MS Word. The Ribbon menu is particularly characterized by the fact that it groups thematically correlating menu options together into a Ribbon set and assigns them a general term so that they may be found easier. In addition to the Ribbon menu, PCB-Investigator uses a combination of icons and text to further ensure the recognition value of its menu options.

Fig 1. - PCB-Investigator Main Menu


Fig 2. - Customize Ribbon Menu

The menus themselves are highly application-oriented and thus come with a set of predefined settings depending on the purchased license, but can also be configured freely. Both, the import of the predefined menu settings as well as the customisation can be achieved through "Customize Ribbon" which can either be reached through "Start » Customize Ribbon" or right-clicking in the menu area and selecting "Customize Ribbon". There you can either import one of the predefined menus by clicking the import button or create a fully individual menu of your own by selecting the desired menu options in the left dropdown and drag them to the right. Please note that you have to open a "Ribbon" on the right to which you want to add a certain menu option.

It is possible to try out every menu setting regardless of your license, meaning for example you could import the settings of the Ultimate Edition possessing only the Basic Edition, when trying to use certain functions not included in your edition, however a dialog will pop up informing you. The best part is you can export your customised menu, so it will be available to you when you switch editions for example, if you tried out the demo edition and decided to purchase a license. Furthermore, each menu button itself can be further customised, you can decide the size of each button as well as if the text should be shown or not.

Show the shortcut to change the menu

There is a drop down to quick change your menu.