PCBI 365 Ribbon

If you use PCBI 365 you can easily manage data for different storage systems, you can store data in the cloud or local.


1) Open PCBI 365 design tree

Open PCBI 365 design tree
    Show PCBI 365 Open Designs

2) Add current design to the 365 cloud

Add current design to the 365 cloud

    Show the add to 365 dialog

Select path to 365 group and add the open design.

3) Check-In/Out Designs

Check-In/Out of the design (you can block changes for other users by checking out the design) and Freeze a design if it should be blocked for all changes

4) Upload Data

Upload data to update the design online

5) Design Explorer

With the Design Explorer you have an overview all additional files for this data stored. E.g. additional BOM files, Images, schematics, exportes and notes

    Show Design Explorer for 365 with sub documents

6) Design Properties

Design Properties to find the design later again (including comments, design size, layer count)

    Show design propertes

7) 365 Explorer

365 Explorer to check all files in the storage, including designs and all additional files

    365 Explorer with all data in all storages

8) User Credentials

User Credentials to log in or change user