Extended Design Report

Extended Design Report combine all analysis plugins in one result as html report or MS word file.

You can configurate which results important for your report and filter critical or all results.


The report is stored in Extras, in the dialog you have some options:

Overview for Extended Design Report

1) Select output format (interactive html report or MS Word file)

2) Output unit (mm or mil)

3) For many Analysis results you can filter "Only Critical" results

4) Create the Export File


HTML Export

Here is an example how the report can be organized, with extra tab pages for each exported analysis:

Example output html report

The report begin with an overview for each step with e.g. design size, component count and the stackup information (signal layers, step count, layer count, net count,...)

With the extended design report you can use customization to change colors and images, you can also add own reports and pages. The report has an open Interface to automate it and create complete reports for all made analysis/checks.