Stencil Generation

Stencil Preperation helps to create stencil with openings for each paste depot.




Advanced Stencil Preparation

Increase in Efficiency and Productivity

  • PCB-Investigator automates data preparation while allowing the flexibility customers needs. ​Takin care of all different types of stencils and components.
  • Standard Stencil design / Step-Stencil Technologies.
  • Train your CAD System for best results​
  • Use knowledge getting from components​ Adding the experience from internal production​. Set up a looped process to learn with each product
Area Editor   ​ Stencil Generator   ​Stencil Analysis
Ready for standard and STEP Stencil!
Switch from predefined to rule bases creation. This makes automation independent more reliable. Bring the production technology into the foreground.

Stencil Wizard

Advanced rule-based stencil generation taking component information into account

see also Stencil Analysis

Stencil Area Editor operations

Clearance analysis

Global stencil thickness

You can set the thickness in the ODB++ attribute, the value is used in the SPI exports e.g. by Viscom to set different values for the paste thickness.​
Note: If you do not save the zone values in the ODB attribute, they will not be recognized during export.

Stencil Generator

Stencil Generator

Main setup for paste pad creation

The Stencil Generator uses all zones defined by the Stencil Area Editor. If there are no zones the outline will be used as main zone.​ Use default rules for your company.​ Setting a package group, enables the Wizard to set the rules regarding it. SOICs, Chips, BGAs and any definition needed. ​The Wizard is delivered we predefined settings.To adjust all data preparation to your product you can setup own data preparation Scripts to adjust to your equipment.

Build in automation support​

Set Package Group is only necessary if your data don’t contain a proper information.​ Customers with EPL (“Easylogix Part Library”) can resolve trusted data from EPL. ​ The Wizard also process layouts with multiple mask layers in the stack-up.​ Set “Keepouts for Chips” is only available if you have MPN packaged defined. It will handle the usable area for you.​ You also can set plugged drills as free usable area.

Check stencil by using current rules​

Create stencil pin by any drawing​

Rule preview​

Set extra rules for components in defines zones​

Integrated measure system in preview​

Take existing paste elements​

Undersize original pads​

Create donut pads​

Create house pads​

Handle pad creation by package group​

Predefined package groups

Array Pads​

Array Pads fixed count​

Use pin intersecting with solder mask​

Change Symbol​

Inserts symbols from job or from library

Inverted house pad​

Add own rules to your stencil automation​


Send the stencil data in your preferred format to your supplier

Result of the rule-base stencil wizard

Before and after

Stencil pad details

Stencil Area Editor

Edit base settings for each area

1.Context Menu

Edit the Shape


3. Add a new zone by drawing a rectangle

Note: For high quality, it is recommended not to cut pin pads. You can combine areas​ e.g. from different parts to get ideal areas.


Zone function


4. Add new zone with cutting out a previous tone by drawing a rectangle


5. Combine different zones to one zone

combine combinezone

Manage zone settings


Add zones by predefined drawings

addzones addzones2