Production Tool Editor

The production tool editor can handle an list of different production projects, you can add more then one project of the same type e.g. an coating carrier for top side and one for bottom side.

Each project has some basic data with customer, product and some more information:

production tool editor general data overview

You can add comments and basic information for each project and make notes or manage technical partner to find the contact information directly.

Solder Frames

The Production Tool Editor to define solder frames:

solder frame example

The solder frame definition based on an single PCB with fixing elements as well as down holder with routings for spcial cases like THT components.

Coating Carrier

The Production Tool Editor to define coating carrier:

coating carrier example

The coating carrier base on an standard frame (or special format) with down holder, fixing elements and many more. You can individually change the coating machines to create coating areas and check the frame use legal regions for coating. For better support in the frame you have options to use different routings and depending on the extra material it automatically creates the openings for the coating machine heads.

Workpiece Carrier

The Production Tool Editor to define workpiece carrier:

workpiece carrier example

Workpiece carrier containing extra elements and routings, this simple frame create an simple transporting frame with down holders to fix the PCB in the production process.


Supporting Plate

The Production Tool Editor to define supporting plates:

supporting plate example

Supporting plates for pressfit actions in your production line do create routings and documentations for the export files.

Test Adapter

The Production Tool Editor to define adapter definitions:

adapter definition example

The adapter definition is the most complexe production tool, it contains all standard cases for special testing routines e.g. high voltage checks or vacuum systems. Special handling for connectors, LED Checks, switches or press buttons included.

You can handle stops and fixing elements as well as routings for high components and down holder or supporting stamps. After defining all important elements it is possible to add an example adapter panel to export the adapter package for one DFT Session.