Status Message

Here are a number of possible status messages you can get while using the Validator.
  • OK: Everything is fine.
  • Pins do not match/fit: The pins of the MPN stored in the library do not match the pins of the component placed on the PCB in number, position or size (MPN pin must be completely inside the component pin)
  • Missmatch in MPN Data: The data of the Aproved Vendor List does not match the data of the library or the loaded job.
  • There is no MPN on the part.
  • The MPN is not the same for all parts with the same part name.
  • The MPN alias does not match the MPN Ref
  • Similar but not the same Strings: The MPN is the same except for an ending or special characters => treated as the same but displayed to the user
  • CMP Ref not in design: An MPN with references is listed in the AVL, but the CMP is not present in the job.
  • Reference not in AVL: the job contains CMPs which are not in the AVL.
  • No Part Available: AVL contains a package but no specific part.
  • No Part selected: A package with different possible parts is stored in the AVL, but none is selected.
  • No MPN Package Available: All data match, but one assigned MPN is missing in the library
  • At least one CMP Ref is missing in Design: The selected entry has multiple CMP references specified in the AVL list, but not all of them are present in the job.