• Preferred List Path: You can specify a LiteDB file containing important MPNs that will be highlighted in manual search
  • Description Property: Where is the part description located in the component?
  • Library: Library in which parts can be moved later that were not found by the part matcher
  • Show Result Dialog: Show or hide the result dialog after the Part Matcher has been executed.
  • Auto Copy Intermediate: All parts which are not found are automatically copied to the intermediate library after the Part Matcher has been executed. In this case all attributes and properties are copied per part.


Show Result Dialog

Overview of all found and not found parts grouped by MPN. With right click on not found parts you can choose between
  • Select All: Select all parts to copy to intermediate library
  • Unselect All: No selection for intermediate library
  • Double click on entry: Zoom to the selected component on the board

Copy to Intermediate Library

Copy all selected not found parts to your intermediate library. In this dialog you can choose the attributes and properties which should be copied.