Manual Search

You can search here manually for components in a selected library which were not found or do not have the MPN and/or Manufacturer Property.
  • Filtering by parts in the library
  • Filters are prefilled if possible (depending on properties of the part)
  • Click "Load": Start search
  • Preview is shown on the right side if MPN is selected on the left side
  • Arrow left button: Part from library is assigned to the selected component (but not saved yet!)
  • "Remove": Removes assigned part from the library from the component (also not yet saved, the entire assignment is only applied with "Apply"!)
  • With "Apply" all assigned parts are copied to the components on the PCB (same process the Part Matcher does when it has found parts)
  • Default setting is used: -Match Mode:Complete -Overwrite all Properties
  • If a Preferred List (see Settings) is defined and the MPNs match the MPNs of the filtered parts, the MPNs will be prioritized and displayed at the top of the result list.