Fig 1. - PCB-Investigator Options Dialog - Tab: General
  • Working Directory: Directory zip files get extracted as well as the internal ODB++. It is saved if you import a different data format like Gerber or GenCAD. Via the buttons working directory can be changed and set back to the default value.
  • Ini File Location: Location of the ini file containing your current settings. A common use case e.g.: You want to change computers, but take all of your settings with you, so you simply copy the ini file and paste it into the ini directory of the new computer.
  • CSV separator: CSV files are usually separated by comma, but in some languages, e. g. german, the default separator is a semicolon. The CSV Separator option allows you to freely change the default separator of all the many list exports throughout PCB-Investigator at any given time.
  • Center/Position Zoom: By default the zoom centers on the current mouse position and shifts the representation accordingly. Deactivating this option, it zooms on the center of the screen often leading to your board leaving the visible area. That´s why deactivating is not recommended.