Fig 7. - PCB-Investigator Options Dialog - Tab: Import


  • File formats like for example Gerber and Excellon usually have a definition in their headers containing the used unit and number format, which are necessary for the file information to be correctly read. In some cases this essential header is missing and therefore gets replaced with a default setting. Since this default setting can differ from company to company you can customise it here.
    This option is also relevant when importing data via drag & drop, since in contrast to using the import menu there is no option allowing you to change these interpretation data normally found in the file header.
  • Options for Polygonizing Objects: Allows you to set the length of the lines used to draw arcs.
  • Use highest Component File: Some programs save memory files with former states adding a constantly increasing number to the default file name of "components", where the highest number corresponds to the most recent version. Deactivating this option tells PCB-Investigator to always use the standard "components" file without numbers.
  • Route Option: The .comp attribute defined in the ODB++ specification is applied to all elements containing one of the three attributes (none, left, and right). The Route Options allow you to select, how PCB-Investigator should respond to it.