Simulation Status

While iterations are running, the convergence is displayed. The blue line is so-called residuum. The iterations are terminated, when the value has dropped to about 0.1% of the initial value or 0.01%, resp..

The thermal simulation:

The thermal calculation has an additional red line for the maximum temperature. In this example, you can see the rise of the temperature during during the two simulation states and the simulated cooling as the red line drops.

Furthermore, you can see the number of transitions that have already been calculated. Each transition stands for a simulation point (defined under chronology).

Cancel calculation:

Although it is not recommended the user cancels production runs, each calculation can be canceled at any time, in this way the simulation state at this moment is accepted as end result.

It is recommended to cancel in case of divergence or unrealistic temperature. Then inspect the settings and search for erroneous input (e.g. uneven current sources/sinks).