IPC-2581 ("Offspring") is the result of the aforementioned attempt to merge GenCAM with ODB++(X). Like its predecessor ODB++(X) too is XML based. Contrary to ODB++ however IPC-2581 is a common free format which is developed by 40 enterprises under the leadership of Cadence Design Systems and which specifications can be downloaded freely. In 2011 an industry consortium was created to support the development of IPC-2581, a step at least partly motivated by the fear the more popular ODB++ format could be vendor locked by Mentor at some point. These 40 companies include big names like Fujitsu, Nvidia, Cisco,... which see the big potential of the standard to prevent data transmission errors and of course save costs. Even Ucamco, the owners of the Gerber format, and finally also Mentor, the current owners of ODB++, joined the consortium.

IPC-2581 contains data about the layer structure, copper structures per layer, assembly order, material information, drill data and test points with the names of their corresponding network names and components including coordinates and rotation values for the placement. Furthermore, IPC-2581 promises to be able to document all necessary steps in one consistent record.

After last update we can import revision A, B and C.