Create a new project

Create a new project

To create a new project, start the Part Explorer in PCB-Investigator (1) and click on "Project" > "New..." in the upper left corner (2).

Now you can see the Project Manager. You have the possibility to create several subprojects for your new project. This can be useful if you want to produce different designs and consider quantity discounts for the used components. To create a new one, please click the "Add"-Button (1).

Choose an appropriate name for your project (2) and specify how often the PCB should be manufactured (3). The components on your design will later be multiplied by the number of PCBs. For each project, you can decide whether to load the parts from the open design or import a BOM (4).

Click on "Create" to create the project. When you have created all the sub-projects, click on "Prepare >" to merge the sub-projects and start the Part Expert (5).


Query Builder

With the Query Builder you can easily define suitable queries for your parts. First select your MPN property according to which the components are grouped (1). If you specify a global description property (2), this will automatically be assigned to the parts that do not have an MPN property (see first row in the screenshot for example). You can always adjust the query manually in the left pane. Optionally, you can specify a Manufacturer property (3).

To customize individual search queries, select a corresponding entry. On the left, you now have the option to choose between "MPN" and "Description".

This type requests exactly one MPN in the selected libraries. You can select the part number, a specific property or free text input.

In this case, a compound string is sent to the libraries. You can use the Description Builder to select the properties that make up the string. If you have good description properties in the design, it is usually sufficient to select this description property.

To complete this process, click "Continue" afterwards.