The Part Expert UI

The Part Expert UI

The Part Expert essentially consists of the following six main areas.

  1. API Libraries
    Here you can define from which PCB-Investigator Libraries you want to query stock levels, delivery times and price data.
  2. Search Queries
    Here you can see all components that can be queried. The bold text is the selected search query.
  3. Part Results
    In this area you can see all the parts found and the information returned by the library (e.g stock information, delivery times and minimum order quantities).
  4. Part Information
    General information of the selected part
  5. Price Information
    Price information of the selected part
  6. Assigned Parts
    All assigned parts of the selected search query in area (2)



Select Libraries

First, you need to specify in which libraries to search for information. To do this, select the "Add Library" button in area (1) and choose a library to add.

Now you can query the selected libraries by clicking on "Start Request" in area (1). In the brackets behind you can see how many Search Queries are selected in area (2).


Assign Parts

To assign found parts, either double-click on the desired result in area (3) or right-click and select "Assign Part(s)...".

Then you need to specify how many components you want to assign. If there is a minimum order value you cannot assign less than this value. Click "Save" to assign the part. Above area (6) you can see the indicator how many of the required parts are already assigned.


Combined Details (Multi-Selection)

To get summary information about specific search queries, you can select multiple search queries in area (2). Now you can see under "Assigned Parts" all assigned parts to the selected lines as well as information about the required and already assigned number of parts.


Modify Queries

To subsequently adjust individual search queries, right-click on an entry and select "Edit Search Query..." from the context menu.

You can now adjust the request type and query for this entry. By clicking on “Save” the changes will be applied.

If there are already entries with the same search query and the same request type, you will be asked whether you would like to merge the entries. In this case, component references, alternative parts and assigned parts are merged into one entry. Part information that has already been queried and assigned parts of the renamed entry are always lost when adjusting a search query.