Test Model Setup

  1. The list shows all different part numbers of this data step and allows you to define the test model(s) for each part.
  2. In the context menu some important functions are easily accessible (e.g. copy/paste of test models) or the “Edit” (3) dialog can be opened.
  3. In the “Edit” dialog, you can define test models for this part. It is possible to add multiple test models (e.g. 4 Capacitor test models for a Capacitor Array).
  4. Each available test model has different parameters that describe the test. Depending on the export type (e.g. Seica/Takaya/i3070) all or parts of this information is needed/used. One of the most important information is the pin mapping, so e.g. which pin number is the Anode and which is the Cathode of a Diode.

Following test models are available: See appendix.