Stencil Area Editor

Edit base settings for each area



Context Menu
You have several options available to modify your file, including changing the thickness,
side, or description, as well as setting a color for the zone. Additionally, you can export
the file as a list or HTML and such much more opti
Set Area around Selection with cutouts
This function allows you to define a stencil area by selecting a group of objects and creating a cutout area around them. The cutout area can be used to create stencil pads for solder paste application.


Add zones by predefined drawings


Edit the Shape



Add a new zone by drawing a rectangle

Note: For high quality, it is recommended not to cut pin pads. You can combine areas e.g. from different parts to get ideal areas.



Zone function


Add new zone with cutting out a previous tone by drawing a rectangle
This means creating a new zone by drawing a rectangle on the PCB design and cutting out a portion of a previous tone that intersects with the new recatangle.


combine  Combine different zones to one zone 
Combining by bounds or intersecting available, depending on the zone size maybe the form has to be an rectangle or it is possible to set special area outlines.


Manage zone settings




-->Zone settings can be saved in ODB attributes, exported as xml and imported from xml.


If you are done generating, you should do the stencil analysis. Click Here!