Template Manager

Panel Builder brings an template manager with it, there are options to store panel templates and an coupon library online or local.

With the templates you can use standard panel sizes with fix drill and marker positions. It is possible to store templates for each layer count, depending to the size of the useable area it calculate the amount of single PCBs in the template.

Overview template manager

1) Add Template from the list on the right side

2) Change to Admin area

3) Options for distance in fix values

4) Option to fit single pcb with percent distances


Admin Area

Admin area with explaination for the important buttons

1) Add the current design as template to the list.

2) Remove the selected template from the list.

3) Open the update dialog with many more options (useable ares, copper layer count, path to the template and step name)


Coupon Library

Coupon Library for template manager


1) Add the selected coupon to the panel.

2) select "Test Coupon on Layer" to add the loaded coupon entry on one layer.

3) select "Test Coupon ad Step" to create an new step with all coupon information (recommended for coupons with components and net information)

4) select "Synchronize Layer" to fit the coupon data on the panel layers.

5) Edit the coupon entry, e.g. change image or path to the coupon.