Getting Started

Getting started:

DRC Getting Started


  1. Click onto the blue question mark to review the preconditions for the Design Rule Check:
  2. Select the rule set, which should be applied. PCB-Investigator is delivered with 2 predefined example rule sets.
  3. With the Rule File Manager you can create or edit own rule sets.
  4. All layers, which can be analyzed, are listed here and can be checked or unchecked.
  5. The minimum Space and Trace values must be defined separately for each layer.
  6. The 'Used Trace' columns shows the smallest line diameter used on this layer. This might be an indicator for the 'Trace' check value.
  7. If this option is active, the net list will be checked at the end for opens or shorts.
  8. Click on 'Start' to run the DRC analysis.
  9. There is a progress bar for each layer indicating the progress during the analysis.